CEE 200Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering

An introduction to the nature and scope of the civil and environmental engineering discipline and specialty programs. Includes case studies from practice and information about academic and professional opportunities for CEE students.

CEE 230Thermodynamics and the Environment

This class provides an introduction to how heat moves in the environment. The First and Second Laws of thermodynamics are applied to systems impacting built and natural environments to determine the performance requirements and thermodynamic efficiencies of engineered processes. Topics of coverage include the properties of pure substances and mixtures, phase changes, reaction and phase equilibrium, heating, air conditioning, and power generation.

CEE 563: Air Quality Engineering Fundamentals

The fundamental engineering principles for preventing or reducing air pollutant emissions are discussed in this class. Topics include combustion modifications to prevent pollutant formation, gas adsorption and absorption processes, carbon capture and sequestration, and particle filtration processes. Emissions and control of metals toxins and indoor air pollutants are also discussed. Selected case studies. Economics and cost estimation.