Current Lab Members

Zhenyu Ma

Ph.D Candidate (he/him)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

B.S., Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, China
M.S., Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, USA

Advisor: Herek Clack

Research Interests:
Airborne pathogen inactivation, virus inactivation, non-thermal plasma reaction chemistry

Sam Orta

Master’s Student (he/him)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

B.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2022
M.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2023

Advisor: Alex Szczuka

Research Interests:
Energy Infrastructure & regenerative cycles. Clean energy solutions. Chemical synthesis using plasma

Former Lab Members

Dr. Tian Xia

Jimin Cai

Minmeng Tang

Dr. Kenneth Chung

David Rett

Akosua Miller

Nicholas Diedrich

Hyunwook Cho