Welcome to the Clack Research Group!

Research focuses on reducing the environmental and health impacts of a variety of airborne aerosols. Current areas of activity include:

Electrostatic Precipitation of Aerosols with particular interest in the coupling between the fluid and electric fields (i.e., electro-hydrodynamics);
Non-Thermal plasmas as a means for inactivating airborne infectious agents such as viruses & bacteria in ventilation air;
Aerosol optical properties, with emphasis on new emission sources of particulate carbon and potential contributions to atmospheric climate forcing and climate change;
Air toxic compounds emitted from combustion processes and their control;
Liquid droplet combustion, especially non-ideal behavior contributing to formation of products of incomplete combustion.

Research consists of laboratory experiments, numerical simulations, and field studies as appropriate, involving both graduate and undergraduate researchers. This research has funding from and implications for both industrial clients and federal and international agencies tasked with addressing environmental hazards relating to air quality and the emission of air pollutants.

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